2017 Annual Meeting in Canada

For their annual meeting, the Chefs des Chefs have visited Canada to celebrate the 150 anniversary of the country.

Toronto, Niagara Falls, Ottawa for an official visit and Montreal were the main stages of a beautiful trip which gave the Chefs des Chefs the unique opportunity to discover the best products of Canada and meet its most famous chefs.

In Toronto, they had the privilege to be invited at the Royal Yacht Club, one of the oldest and most exclusive yacht club in North America.

In Niagara, they could taste the great wines of Peller Estates.

In Ottawa, they were the guests of the famous Cordon Bleu Culinary School where they could appreciate a beautiful dinner.

Invited to visit the headquarters of “Le Cirque du Soleil”, they had the chance to assist to a beautiful show in Montreal.

During the General Assembly, the chefs des chefs decided to hold their 2018 meeting in Morocco at the invitation of Pierre Jochem, General Manager of La Mamounia and Member of the board of the CCC.