Our values

Brought together within the Club des Chefs des Chefs, the chefs of heads of state have a prominent position in gastronomic circles and represent the values shared by the society.

Promoting the cuisine of each country

At a time when fusion food is gaining popularity throughout the world, the Chefs des Chefs are safeguarding authentic cuisine, which they are striving to modernize.
The chef of a head of state has a duty to promote the ingredients, culinary traditions and art of entertaining that are typical of his or her country, and so is the best ambassador of its gastronomy.

A chef’s diplomatic role

The chef of a head of state also plays a role in international diplomatic relations as he or she is responsible for the atmosphere at the table where world leaders are seated during major meetings: creating a friendly, sociable atmosphere is often conducive to shared ideas.
Talleyrand told Napoleon, «Give me good cooks and I will give you good treaties. ». Today, the maxim of the Club des Chefs des Chefs is :« Whilst politics can sometimes divide people, good food always brings them back together. ».

Well-being and gastronomy

Being responsible for the health and wellbeing of world leaders and their families, the chef of a head of state has a duty to provide healthy, well-balanced and varied meals.