Chefs des Chefs News:

The annual meeting of the CCC took place in Spain from the 10th to the 17th of July 2022 where they met with Mr Pedro Sánchez, President of the spanish government. They visited Madrid and Sevilla to discover the best of spanish gastronomy. During their stay, the Chefs organized a beautiful charity dinner at Hotel Ritz Mandarin Oriental for the benefits of the World Central Kitchen of José Andrés who attended the evening.
The next General Assembly will take place in Washington DC in October 2023.
Five new members has recently joined the CCC : Chanty Yen, Chef of the Prime Minsiter of Canada, Jacky Lelievre, Chef of the President of Gabon, Lars Schandorff, Chef of HM the Queen of Danemark, Amit Ghotwal, Chef of the President of India & Dimitri Hidalgo, Chef of the President of Ecuador.