A brief history of a great idea

The Club des Chefs des Chefs (CCC) is an exclusive organization made up of the personal chefs to heads of state and royalty from around the world. Founded in 1977 by Gilles Bragard, a designer and couturier to chefs, the CCC has become known as a place where these elite chefs can connect, exchange ideas, and showcase their culinary skills.

The idea for the CCC came about when Gilles Bragard was working with the personal chef to French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing. He realized that these chefs, who worked for some of the most powerful people in the world, often had very little interaction with each other. Gilles Bragard saw an opportunity to create a network where they could share their experiences and learn from each other.

The first gathering of the CCC took place in Paris in 1977 and was attended by six chefs. Since then, the organization has grown to include more than 30 members from countries around the globe. Members must be the personal chefs to a head of state or royal family, and they must be invited to join by the existing members.

The CCC meets annually in a different country each year, where members showcase their culinary talents and participate in cultural events. In addition to the annual meeting, the CCC also organizes other events throughout the year, including regional meetings and culinary competitions.

Over the years, the CCC has become known for its commitment to culinary excellence and the promotion of local and sustainable ingredients. The organization has also been involved in charitable work, including fundraising events for various causes.

Today, the Club des Chefs des Chefs continues to thrive as a unique and prestigious organization, bringing together some of the most talented and influential chefs in the world.

Our values

Brought together within the Club des Chefs des Chefs, the chefs of heads of state have a prominent position in gastronomic circles. Promoting the cuisine of each country, at a time when fusion food is gaining popularity throughout the world, the Chefs des Chefs are safeguarding authentic cuisine, which they are striving to modernize.

The chef of a head of state has a duty to promote the ingredients, culinary traditions and art of entertaining that are typical of his or her country, and so is the best ambassador of its gastronomy.

The chef of a head of state also plays a role in international diplomatic relations as he or she is responsible for the atmosphere at the table where world leaders are seated during major meetings: creating a friendly, sociable atmosphere is often conducive to shared ideas.
Talleyrand told Napoleon, «Give me good cooks and I will give you good treaties».
Today, the maxim of the Club des Chefs des Chefs is : «If politics divides the men, a good table always reunites them».

The chef of a head of state is finally responsible for the health and wellbeing of world leaders and their families for which he provides well balanced and varied meals.