Presentation of the Club des Chefs des Chefs

The world’s most exclusive society

The Club des Chefs des Chefs, which is seen as the world’s most exclusive gastronomic society, has extremely strict membership criteria: to be accepted into this highly elite club, you need to be the current personal chef of a head of state. If he or she does not have a personal chef, members can be the executive chef of the venue that hosts official State receptions. One member is admitted per country with the exception of China, which has two seats.

One of the society’s primary purposes is to promote major culinary traditions and to protect the origins of each national cuisine. The Club des Chefs des Chefs also aims to develop friendship and cooperation between its members, who have similar responsibilities in their respective countries.

A message from the founder: Gilles Bragard

"When I founded the CCC, my ambition was to pay tribute to the chefs of heads of state: these legendary figures who work behind the scenes. Every year since 1977, I have sought to bring them together across the world to give them the opportunity to experience the gastronomy of the host country and discuss the major trends in cooking with fellow chefs. As they are aware of the role that these chefs play in international diplomatic relations, heads of state have been quick to support our Club by officially receiving every one of our meetings."